Saturday, May 7, 2011


meatcake 017 (800x532)

Hi guys! Sorry it’s taken me soooooo long to update, but the last few months have been a whirlwind of change for me. I started a job in February that didn’t work out as it was too far from my house (I was filling up my gas tank 3 times a week), but now I’m working at the bank I used to work at and it’s great!


This is the meatcake I made for my fiance David’s 22nd birthday in February. I got the idea and recipe from Black Widow Bakery. I wanted it to be a surprise, but do you know how hard it is to keep food a surprise when you live with someone? I resorted to putting all the components in a drawer of the fridge and taping it shut.

davidbday 013

Here is the meatloaf mixture divided evenly between two aluminum cake pans. I made the meatloaf with ground turkey rather than beef.

davidbday 001

I also made a woven bacon piece for the top of the cake. I baked it in the oven on an oven-safe ceramic plate.

davidbday 006

The baked turkey bacon topper:

davidbday 009

The cooked meatcake layers:

davidbday 010

I trimmed the meat layers with a bowl as a template. The meat scraps were delicious.

meatcake 003

I used potato flakes as there is no way I could use real potatoes and have them come out this smooth.

meatcake 004

I put a layer of potatoes down on the first meat layer, and then stacked the second layer on top.

meatcake 006

meatcake 008

I then did a rough “crumb coat” of mashed potatoes and smoothed it out with a hot wet spatula. Yes, that is Buttercup’s rear end in the bottom left corner.

meatcake 010

I put the bacon topper on after trimming it to size, and piped some borders on. I sliced a baby carrot with my mandolin slicer and used the slices for decoration.

meatcake 012

I added some peas for some more color.

meatcake 013

And piped on some words with ketchup!

meatcake 019

meatcake 020

We microwaved slices individually for efficiency.

meatcakeslice 002

meatcakeslice 004

David loved the cake and so did I. It turned out amazingly well, I think.

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