Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rock Climbing Cake and Cupcakes!

nickbday 005
Hi guys! I made this cake and cupcakes for my little cousin Nick’s 9th birthday party last Sunday (1/23). He had his party at Main Event here in Austin, which is this awesome place that has an arcade, glow-in-the-dark putt putt golf, laser tag, bowling, and of course rock climbing. The theme was “Nick’s Rockin’ Birthday,” and it was a blast. My aunt Vickie asked me a week or so before the party if I’d make cupcakes for it. I had originally just planned to make cupcakes with grey frosting and some sort of candy on top to look like hand and foot holds on a rock climbing wall. Once I talked about it with my mom, however (who by the way is a creative genius), we had a completely different plan. She wanted to make an actual wall to place the cupcakes on, and have the cupcakes act as the hand and footholds on the wall. I told my aunt about the idea as well and agreed to make a small cake along with the cupcakes so Nick could have some candles to blow out. I think both the cake and the cupcakes turned out wonderfully, and the kids loved them. It was my first time really trying hard on a layer cake, and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

nickbday 002
My mom made the wall out of styrofoam bricks and painted it grey with a small bucket of oops paint we found at Walmart.
nickbday 003
I added a pennant at the top I had printed out on the computer as well as some rope to the wall.
nickbday 001
The layer cake is three layers of rainbow chip (from a box mix) covered in vanilla buttercream. The “rocks” are actually large jelly beans. The letters are just some candy letters I had since I didn’t want to ruin the cake with mediocre piping.
nickbday 009
The birthday boy about to blow out his candles.

Since both cakes were made from a box mix, I’ve got no recipe to share with you, but I do have some process pictures.
mise en place (1024x1008)
Mise en place the night before baking.
cakes 007
Here is the rainbow chip cake batter divided amongst three cardboard pans that I bought from All In One Bake Shop.
cakes 010
Here are the layer cakes fresh from the oven. My oven tilts toward the back, so the cakes are all lopsided, but I was going to level them anyway so it didn’t matter. I just leveled them by sticking them in the freezer for about 45 minutes (covered in plastic wrap) and then sliced them level with a large knife.
cake 003
Here’s the cake with the first layer of frosting. I don’t own a turntable yet, so I used an upside down bowl with a plate on top instead.
cake2 001
Here’s the cake after the first smoothing. I used a smooth paper towel and a scraper after the frosting had crusted to achieve this.
nickcake 001 (800x800)
Here’s the cake after the second smoothing and decorating.
cakes 002
For the cupcakes, I mixed up the cake batter (just plain vanilla) and divided it evenly into three bowls.
cakes 003
I then added Americolor gel coloring to each bowl to dye it red, yellow, and blue.
cakes 005
I used red, yellow, and blue cupcake liners as well.
cupcakes 002 (800x533)
Once frosted (I used my standard buttercream recipe and a jumbo 8B piping tip), the cupcakes and the cake went in the fridge to chill until the party the next day. I topped the cupcakes with Pop Rocks before setting them on the wall.

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  1. Great idea for the wall, you guys did a really good job. Birthday boy looks pleased.


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